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Bluebird with Side Viewing Door
Bluebird with Side Viewing Door
Bluebird with Side Viewing Door
Bluebird with Side Viewing Door
Bluebird with Side Viewing Door

Bluebird with Side Viewing Door

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  • Outside Dimensions: H13½" x W7" x D7"
  • Inside Dimensions: W5¼" x D5¼"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Entrance Hole from Bottom: 6"


  • Made from 1-inch rough-cut pine boards.
  • 5" x 5" side viewing door with a plexiglass divider between you and the inside of the bird house. This eliminates direct contact between you and eggs/babies and any possibility of the young falling out of the nest while viewing.
  • Shingled roof prevents leaking and rotting.
  • A 2" roof overhang helps keep the inside dry
  • Plastic landing perch (3" x 4") under the entrance way is approved by the NH Audubon and allows a larger landing area while keeping squirrels and other pests out.
  • Water-based wood stain penetrates the wood and is less likely to peel, as opposed to latex paint which will crackle or blister over time posing a health risk to birds as they may eat the paint chips.
  • Each bird house is vented with a ½" hole at the top on both sides, and ½" vent drain hole at the bottom.
  • Bird house ready to mount with 2 pre-drilled holes, two deck screws, and mounting instructions.

Entrance Hole Size

Both the Eastern and Western blue birds enjoy an entrance hole of 1⅜" and 1½".

There are many other birds in America that also enjoy using these size bird houses. The size of the entrance hole designates which birds will use the bird house. Please consult this information sheet for details on which birds will use which hole size.